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How Do I Download My Printable PDF Template?

Once your payment has processed, you can download your file(s) directly from you registered Etsy account.

1. At the top right corner of your Etsy page, click on "You".
2. Select "Purchases & Reviews" from the dropdown menu.
3. Find your purchase and click the blue download button called "Download Files".

1. To download your files, this must be done on a computer, NOT a mobile phone or iPad.
2. Final files are not sent via email. 


How do I print?

You can:
1. Print from your home
2. E-mail your files to a local print shop (Staples, Costco, FedEx Kinkos, Office Depot)
3. Upload your files online and print using online printer 


Do you offer printing and shipping services?

We do not offer printing and shipping services. We sell digital files only. We recommend using a local print shop (Staples, Costco, FedEx Kinkos, Office Depot) for printing.


My editable PDF template isn’t working correctly.

If your text isn’t displaying correctly, the font is substituting or your printable isn’t saving correctly, you aren't editing the template WITHIN Acrobat Reader.

Please download and open your PDF in the latest version for FREE to avoid any formatting issues when editing your template: www.get.adobe.com/reader

IMPORTANT: Editing the template in any other program besides Adobe Acrobat Reader may cause styling, formatting or issues with saving the file. 

More information on the INSTRUCTIONS page.



Please see the individual product listing and gallery images to determine what text is editable. Unfortunately, all text may not be editable due to copyright regulations. If it is NOT highlighted, it is NOT editable.


What paper should I use?

Depending on your preference, any cardstocks weighing 90-110 pounds would be good. 


I have additional questions!

Our hours of operation are 9am-6pm CST (M-F). We do our best to respond within 24 hours. If there's a large volume of emails, or if troubleshooting is required, a reply can take longer.